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I had a reading with you three years ago and it was incredible and accurate. Many thanks, Sally - October You blew me away Patsy - but then you always do. Thank you so much. My reading was amazing - I can't believe how accurate Patsy is - in all areas: palmistry, psychic, astrology and mediumship. I am incredibly grateful for your heartfelt guidance, once again everything you said "felt right", just like reading your book.

The most compatible love matches in the zodiac - and which star signs have the best sex

The reading was so accurate it wasn't funny. Many thanks, Marty. That means there are more chances of disappointment. Healthy child after marriage is a long dream of every couple and more than that a satisfaction and symbol of your love. While some of us are blessed with this blessing, many couples fail to believe a child and keep on trying various measures to get one.

In Sydney indian vedic astrology there are many facilities available to get back your lost love and also had been proficient by many people. The people who are suffering from the Bad energy cannot find the right solution of uncontrollable problems. Everyone is trying to get out from the topmost problem.

Positive energy is the deal of Astrological remedies for the bad energy.

So, positive energy is to solitary remedy to eliminate it. For new entrepreneurs, Astrologer Gowri Ganesh Gurudev Indian Astrologer in Sydney can guide you through the various complications that can happen in particular stages.

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Do consult our Astrologer to get you an accurate analysis based on your birth table Time has come when one will find start-ups popping up anywhere and everywhere. Health is wealth. Who wants to visit the hospital and drain out money in expensive medical treatments? But with the growing pollution in the environment and adulteration in the food items it has become really difficult to lead a healthy life.

Many have taken one side or the other and Gillard received much of the blame for not supporting Rudd at the time he most needed it in The astrological connections between them are strong as both Rudd and Gillard have their Moons in the 7th house. The 7th is the house of partnerships and the Moon is essentially known for its changing phases. So this placing can create a close bond with a partner but also it indicates a changing of phases and positions within the relationship.

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Change in partnerships is particularly relevant for Rudd as he also has Uranus there, the planet of unpredictable political change. Both have 7th house planets in square aspect to Venus. Rudd has Venus and Neptune conjunct in the 10th house which indicates an idealistic approach to his career that would bring success Venus but also disillusion and an unexplained loss of position and power Neptune. This would be triggered by the square to Uranus unpredictable change in the 7th house of political partnerships.

So this suggests that his career would be undermined by his relationship with Gillard. Mundane astrology is the study of nations and their relationships.

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Of course for some individuals the 7th house can be a bit of a battleground at times, but it seems that political partnerships often point to opponents from within. With a 7th house like these two, who needs enemies? They were obviously quite capable of defeating themselves. In , aged 26, Abbott entered training as a Jesuit priest.


Pluto was conjunct his Sun from — Pluto was square his Moon from — Abbott won and became Leader of the Opposition. Abbott was re-elected unopposed to the party leadership following the election. Incredibly, there is still more. The current governor general of Australia is Quentin Bryce, the first woman to hold that office.

Unfortunately no time is available so this is a noon chart. She was appointed in as Pluto was conjunct her Sun. Capricorn is generally a sign that would be perfect for the role of governor general. They are usually very diplomatic and not inclined to say anything particularly controversial. This is unprecedented in Australian politics and her directly political statements have attracted much criticism in the media. The same T Square applies to her support for same sex marriage underlined by the fact that Neptune dissolving old outdated barriers between people is in Libra the sign of marriage and relationships.

So what happens next? Well who knows, Tony Abbott is not the most widely popular of leaders but Pluto is slowly moving away from the Australian Sun now so this period of upheaval is bound to calm down soon.